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Organizational Development

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As an accelerate attempt to achieve our vision and mission, ALIT has been doing several efforts through organization development such as create a civil group into an independent organization which stands for significant issues of the ALIT organization.

As modern organization at tghis present time ALIT already open for many source to join in ALIT as llong as have appropriate capacity and mission as ALIT stated at intsitution act.

Our team now days�..

Our Team

Struktur Organisasi

Besides, working together with some institutions such as universities, press, the United Nations, and international institutes in forming public opinion and escalating institutes capacity in giving response to the issues are corresponded with the perspective and strategy developed by ALIT.

ALIT has been doing this development in several areas all over Indonesia especially those which have poor condition like in East Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, NAD, Nias in North Sumatera, Maluku and North Maluku, NTT, Riau archipelago, and South Sulawesi.

The cooperate institutions are :

1. Training and Intervention Module Development for Social Worker, Street Children Intervention, Plan Internasional Surabaya 1999-2002
2. Consultant Team, Community Organizing training for sub grantee of Save The Children US for Urban Street Children and Empowerment Support (USCES), 2003.
3. Consultant Team, Early Child Development and other relevant activity for children age 7-17, networking with Save The Children Alliance for Nias Island, North Sumatra, July-September 2006
4. Consultant Team, Risk Mapping and Assessment for children on Disaster Risk Mapping Program (DRR), network with Save The Children Alliance for Nias Island- Notrh Sumatra, August-November, 2006.
5. Consultant Team, Child Rights Programming training for staf and Plan Internasional patner, Surabaya. 2003
6. Consultant Team, Post Disaster Child Rights Programming Training, WVI-ITR, Naggroe Aceh Darussalam 2005-2006
7. Consultant Team, Child Participation Development Model in School, Save The Children-Maluku 2009- 2010.
8. Training Facilitator, Child Rights Programming training for WVI ADP staff Surabaya 2004-2005.
9. Consultant Team, Integrated Service Central Development for Polwiltabes Surabaya Officer, 2005- 2006
10. Technical Assistance, Community Development Program and Street Children by Local NGOs in Surabaya, Ambon dan Kupang. Supported by Schmitz Hille Foundation Germany 2005 � 2009
11. Committee member, of international Workshop of againts Sexual Exploitation on Children at Tourism and Travel (SECTT), ECPAT Germany and DRV Germany, Bali Dec. 2018.