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Network and Aliance

As a part of civilized society, ALIT actively takes part in networking and alliance with several forums and networks in order to embody a better life for the children and the future world.

Some networks and alliances of ALIT are:

Intervention Program

1. Drop in Centre for Child Victim on Comercial Sexual Exploitation, Surabaya, Intervention, coperation with PKPM Unika Atmajaya, supported by Ausaid, 1999-2000.

2. Community Participation on Street Children Protection in Widodaren Community, Surabaya, cooperation with Plan International Indonesia Surabaya, 2000-2005.

3. Basic Social Services for Street Children, BSS Consortium, Supported by Oxfam - Novib Netherland, 2000-2007.

4. Psycho Social Recovery for Street youth, Supported by Schmitz Hille Stiftung (SHS) Germany, 2005- 2009.

5. Health Service for Poor People Advocacy, CSIAP project, Supported by The Asia Foundation- DFID, 2005-2006.

6. Entrepreneurshipo Development for Young People, YEEI Programm cooperation with Indonesia Bussiness Link (IBL) - International Youth Foundation (IYF), 2007-2008.

7. Rombong Sehat Rosella, Entrepreneurship for Youth, Supported by Development Bank Of Singapore (DBS), 2008.

8. Life Skill Development for Street Youth, Supported by Schmitz Hille Foundation Germany, 2006- present.

9. Hand-Craft Training for Marginalized Youth in West Surabaya, 2010-2017, Supported by Schmitz Hille Foundation, Germany

10. Economic Empowerment for Parents of marginalized Children in Surabaya, 2018-Present, Supported by Schmitz Foundation, Germany

11. TROY Athletic to improve Child motorical health and promoting education access for Children in Surabaya, 2016- present supported by Kindermission Werk Die Sternsinger, Germany

12. Children Centre for Practicing Child Protection measures for children who Living around 5 Parishes at Maumere Bishopric territory, 2014-present, supported by Kindermisssionwerk Die Sternsinger, Germany

13. Access Education and cultural activities for Children of indigeneous tribes of Tengger in Bromo, 2017-present, Supprted by Kindermissionwerk Die Sternsinger, Germany

14. Save Play Area (SPA) for Children who victims of Disaster in Lombok, August 2018, Supported by Kindermissionwerk Die Sternsinger, Germany.

15. Child companion by Volunteers of East Java Consortium to Lombok disaster, September 2018-January 2019, Supported by CARITAS Germany.

16. A school for Tengger Children, March 2018, Supported by Kick Andy Foundation and Decolict paint,

Advocacy Network

1. Founders, Fight Against Comercial Sexual Exploitation on Child (CSEC) Campaign, Konsorsium Jatim, 2002

2. Members, Preparation National Act Against Comercial Sexual Exploitation on Child (CSEC), 2002

3. Member, NGO Forum Shadow Report for UN according CRC Implementation in Indonesia, 2003- present

4. Founders, Konsorsium Untuk Anak Surabaya, 2004-present

5. Members, International Tackling demand on child sex tourism and child trafficking, hosted by Unifem Singapore, 2005- present

6. Member, International Coalition member Prevention of Child Abuse, hosted by WWSF Geneva Switzerland 2005- present

7. Member, National Coalition against CSEC � member of End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT) International 2005- present

8. Member of Expert Panel, Asia-Pacific Child Protection Expert Working Group Meeting John Hopkins International - ICMEC, Singapore (April 2010)

9. Board, National Coalition of Child Abuse, Commemoration of World Day Prevention of Child Abuse, 2005-present.


1. Street Children Social Mapping, Social Department - PKPM Unika Atmajaya Jakarta, Surabaya 1999.

2. Rapid Assessment and Response on Street Youth Injecting Drug User (IDU), Surabaya, Cooperation with HAPP-WHO-Ausaid, January-September 2000.

3. Learn from Freedoms Child, note from field assistance on street children in Surabaya Slums Area, cooperation with Plan International 2004.

4. The Children of Message Taker, book author, published 2016.

5. Baseline Survey for Child Smoker, 2020